Garden Feng Shui : Use The Energy Of Flower Colors

 Garden Feng Shui : Use The Energy Of Flower Colors

Flower colors symbolize Yin or Yang energies. Plants and coherent position-matching colors in the garden, will bring good luck and peace for the occupants of the house.

As is known, feng (wind) shui (water) is an expression of the elements of strength that flows from the natural environment (cosmic). But the cosmic force (qi) are not only invisible flow of energy from wind and water, but also the energy of the Earth. In other words feng shui is the art of living in harmony with nature, in order to benefit from the cosmic power to create peace, and prosperity.

Applying feng shui principles when designing, building and managing a house, have done by a lot of people. But using the same principle in the plant layout and colors match the flowers in the garden may be just a little one knows.

To get a profitable flow of energy within the garden, the element of Yin and Yang must be balanced. Well, a flower or leaf color, ornament, in the garden can help stimulate the natural energy flow and enhance the creation of harmony.

The balance of Yin – Yang

Yang energy (the active masculine / positive) symbolized the sun and bright colors like red, orange, and yellow. Yin energy (passive feminine / negative) is symbolized the moon and soft colors such as violet, blue, and green. Front gardens (public areas) symbolizes Yang energy. While the rear garden (private area), the symbol of Yin energy.

Well, what kind of flowers’ colors should be selected? Because the front garden represents Yang energy, should be planted with flowers and bright flashy colors such as orange, red, and yellow. Those colors can absorb the positive energy into the house. Especially the flowers like this takes the heat. Suitable planted in front of the house with a lot of sunlight.

So, what fits in the back garden? To create peace in the back garden as a place of relaxation or contemplation, choose the Yin flower colors such as blue, the soothing purple, or silver-leaved plants or gray. Keep the flower color variants remain simple. If too much color variety, it would disrupt the balance of energy flow.

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