Creative Ways Illuminating The Main Room

dining room 210x300 Creative Ways Illuminating The Main Room


Lights that illuminate the room is often placed without thinking about its composition. The result, the room looks stiff. Try hanging and tuck, the lighting was different.

Look at the main room in the sample of apartment unit, look beautiful. In addition to the material processed fabric and furniture lining the duco paint, there is a unique lighting touch with hanging and slipping the light source.

The main room consists of living room and dining room attached to the kitchen. The unique design of family room, with shelves that is consistent with the drop ceiling. The dining room looks simple and compact with the mixing of mirrors and white colors.

Lights are placed in two places. One in between the ceiling, and another hung on the dining table. The lights in the ceiling spread between yellowish color, while in the dining room emits a white color. Match the base color underneath furniture.

So, installing the lights could not be conventional. Try it this way, the room look so elegant.


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