The Best Product of Windows for Your House

garden windows1 The Best Product of Windows for Your House

The special choice of Atrium windows are now commonly found on some modern houses around the world. This is the windows which produced by the Atrium and Wing, you may simply check the window labels to see that the windows are created from this manufacturer. The windows are about high quality products which already certified by the outstanding agencies in the world. But maybe, in some cases you have to recognize about the atrium windows problems because there are some problems about this window which can be found at some houses.

Actually, this atrium window will be so suitable for all buildings which located just near with the sea, because it already fulfills all the regulations of coastal building. This is the window with top quality product, and it comes with affordable price, so you need to come and see about the details of this product because most of them are created from aluminum or vinyl. This window also reduces the heat of the sun, and will always give the comfortable feeling for all the people inside the house. If you really want to find out the product knowledge about this great window, maybe you need to take the atrium windows review and find out all the review about this window.

But unfortunately, some people are experiencing the atrium vinyl windows problem because of some problems which particularly happen with the windows such as the difficult way of open and close it or many other issues related with this window. Therefore, you have to find out the best solution if you really want to replace your window with the atrium windows. What you should do is to consult with your local seller about the window condition, so it will never give any problem in the future. Later, you will have the new house improvement by adding the atrium windows in your house.

The Retro Style Interior Home Design

retro style home design 300x198 The Retro Style Interior Home Design
Retro style is very famous since the 1960-1970′s. Retro 70′s design style synonymous with bright colors, bright, and dynamic, which describes the lifestyle of fun and full of passion.

Unlike the case with the retro style of the 60. Its style is synonymous with attractive colors, this can be seen on a chair, couch or other furniture that uses contrasting colors, metallic elements are also a key ingredient in the retro style of the 60′s.

In this modern era, retro interior design style is still in demand, it can be seen from the number of people who apply retro style to their interior design. The question is, whether the style of retro design is suitable for the interior design of today’s modern era?? Given the style can be said to be the style of “old school”. Read More »

The Effective Ways of Using Dehumidifier in the Greenhouse Sheds

61bSpt lXML. SL1000  The Effective Ways of Using Dehumidifier in the Greenhouse Sheds

Greenhouse sheds commonly contain large amount of wetness or condensation required to enhance the promotion of flower and plant development. But, a huge amount of wetness can damage the growing ability of flowers and plants, particularly vegetation or plants that need low amount of moisture. Huge amount of wetness material can enhance bacteria and fungi development and can appreciate pest infestations, total of that can irreversibly harm vegetation. The Tennessee State School Expansion service indicates that a drier green house shed atmosphere is a highly effective protection against flower illnesses. A way to sufficiently and securely eliminate large number of wetness from a usual greenhouse shed will be to set up effective dehumidifiers. Read More »

Organic Curved at Tropical Garden

how to garden Organic Curved at Tropical GardenA path does not have to be straight. Curved stepping stone can appear attractive, but still functional. In addition to careful in choosing and arranging plants, there is another way to increase the aesthetic value of the garden. Shawn, landscape designer, said the easy step is to add hardscape elements, such as stepping stone, swings, and a gazebo. To make it more dynamic, Shawn apply arch pattern. In this garden, arch pattern is present in the path or stepping stone.

“A curved stepping stone will stand out from a side. When viewed from the front porch, the curve pattern can be seen clearly, which is the path to the gazebo. Areas of the garden is quite extensive, so I thought to make a pattern. Too bad if you just made a straight, ” said Shawn.

To reinforce the function of the path in the garden, Shawn build gazebo as a place to relax in the garden. Simple gazebo made of ironwood is located at the corner of the garden and sheltered by shady trees. The existence of the gazebo is a direct request from the owner of the house.

Finally, the dream garden can be realized thanks to the combination of hard materials and various kinds of tropical plants. Now, residents can get together and play with all family members in a beautiful garden.

Garden Flowers in Bathroom

flowers in bathroom 202x300 Garden Flowers in BathroomCreating beautiful bathroom walls can be painted with acrylic paint. Not only the beauty, you can enjoy the process of cleaning themselves more comfortable.

Wall tiles in the bathroom can look unique with acrylic paint. Ceramic motifs and colors become more varied. These variations can help to create a particular theme in the bathroom. However, if you want a unique theme second to none, you can paint yourself bathroom tile wall surfaces.

Look at this bathroom. Initially, the surface of the shower wall is covered with plain white tiles. However, with creative ideas of an interior designer, plain white ceramic walls look more attractive. He applied decorative paint on the surface. Look at the stems of tulips beautifully illustrated. To reinforce the impression of a flower garden, she applied the paint spray cloud forming on the bathroom ceiling.

Application of acrylic paint on the ceramic surface relatively quick and easi. Just one day to the surface of the wall tiles in the 1×1,6m bathroom size. Curious, I also asked him about the engineering process. Here it is 6 steps to change the display tiles using acrylic paint:

  1. Clean the surface of the tiles on the bathroom wall.
  2. Use chalk to create the desired outline.
  3. Sandpaper ceramic surface to be drawn. Choose red sandpaper.
  4. Prepare a mixture of acrylic paint colors. Make sure the paint is rather thick.
  5. Paint the ceramic surface with the help of a brush. Adjust the brush size with the desired image detail. If you want a painting that is more real and more detail, use a brush with a small tip.
  6. Once the painting is complete, put the cover layer (coating) in the form of weather-resistant paint (weathershield) on its surface. In this way, the painting of acrylic paint will not fade when exposed to water.

Good luck!


The Concept Of Minimalist

The philosophy of the minimalist meanings are representing a lifestyle that’s practical, dynamic, quick, effective and efficient. All that philosophy can be applied in all aspects of life including house building architecture, interior space and exterior gardens. The concept of a minimalist home is a translation of a style and pattern-paced life of today’s fast, simple, instant but still maintaining the quality. It is an embodiment of the life, thought patterns and ideals of modern humans.


minimalist 300x204 The Concept Of Minimalist

Here are some minimalist home concept:

  • Aims to increase the value of an entire room (exterior and interior) by reducing the excess of everything in the room.
  • Minimalist eliminate saturation with the use of decorative ornaments, knick-knacks accessories. Character and quality of spaces created is determined by the existence of space itself, not by the furniture and knick-knacks accessories in it.
  • Optimize the circulation of healthy fresh air and abundant sunshine lighting so that the room be feels relieved.
  • The use of simple materials (strong element of simplicity) not a luxury with expensive materials. The use of natural materials (elemental harmony with nature) can still make the home building and garden equipment to perform optimally.
  • Emphasis on cleanliness so much emphasis on the function of the pattern which tends to smooth
  • Using the facade of the house which was designed to be simpler so impressed clean and airy
  • Tend to avoid a design that is full of indentations and protrusions of the curve and use the perfect finishing grayscale color.


Creative Ways Illuminating The Main Room

dining room 210x300 Creative Ways Illuminating The Main Room


Lights that illuminate the room is often placed without thinking about its composition. The result, the room looks stiff. Try hanging and tuck, the lighting was different.

Look at the main room in the sample of apartment unit, look beautiful. In addition to the material processed fabric and furniture lining the duco paint, there is a unique lighting touch with hanging and slipping the light source.

The main room consists of living room and dining room attached to the kitchen. The unique design of family room, with shelves that is consistent with the drop ceiling. The dining room looks simple and compact with the mixing of mirrors and white colors.

Lights are placed in two places. One in between the ceiling, and another hung on the dining table. The lights in the ceiling spread between yellowish color, while in the dining room emits a white color. Match the base color underneath furniture.

So, installing the lights could not be conventional. Try it this way, the room look so elegant.